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Awards, bursaries, scholarships and endowments

Awards, bursaries, scholarships and endowments are an excellent opportunity for people to give directly to students to help them succeed in their studies.



Benefits to you

Supporting a specific area

You can choose to support a specific area you’re passionate about, whether it’s the same program you graduated from, an area that has special meaning to you, or athletics. You can also choose to support students who are in either undergraduate or graduate studies.

Regular communication about student recipients

As a donor, you’ll receive disbursement updates at least annually. Every time your scholarship or bursary is awarded to a student, we’ll contact you to let you know the name of the recipient.

Many student recipients want to thank donors by writing them letters of appreciation. When we receive any correspondence from student recipients, we will send it directly to you so you can see first-hand the impact of your gifts.

Tax Receipts

Your donation is considered a charitable gift for which you’ll receive an tax receipt.

Benefits to students

Financial support

Many students struggle to find a balance between going to school, working and spending time with their families. With tuition fees and the cost of living in the lower mainland on the rise, your support truly benefits students by alleviating some of their financial burden.

In their words

Student recipients themselves can best describe the tremendous impact you will have:

"As a single mother and full-time student, it has been difficult to pursue my dream of achieving a degree in Business Administration. I hope to be a CEO one day, hopefully of my own company. As a student who strives to attain A-level grades, your generosity has given me more time to focus on my studies and my son. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your investment in me, as well as future students like me."

Jennifer, spring 2018 bursary recipient


Types of awards


Bursaries provide financial support to students who have demonstrated financial need. Students can apply for bursary funding through SFU’s Financial Aid and Awards Office.


Scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievement.


Awards recognize outstanding academic, athletic or community achievements.

Give to a scholarship, bursary, or award

Annual renewable funding

As a donor, you may choose to provide funds on an annual basis. Each year, we will send you reminder when your donation is due. Please contact us to inquire about our current minimum commitment.


Another option is to create an endowment. An endowment is a larger sum of money that is held by SFU and only the investment income generated each year by the endowment is used to support the award.

Because only the annual interest income is used each year, the minimum to establish an endowment at SFU is $40,000 to support an undergraduate student award or to support a graduate student award. This is a great way to ensure lasting support and turn your scholarship into a legacy.

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